Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

This post is about hair. Emma was born with thick, dark hair. Everybody who saw her would comment on how nice and thick it was. Well we've been growing that hair for 5 1/2 years. We've invested money in trims every other month and $50 bottles of conditioner. It was one of those things that sort of defined Emma. That was until yesterday. Emma asked if she could cut her hair. I'll be honest, I wasn't happy about it. But she did it. She is still adorable but now she has a bit more sass. That's all we need!:)
Emma on Monday.
Emma's hair before the cut.
Here's the after.
She looks so much older to me. Sad :(

Just so you know we were able to donate 10+ inches to "Locks of Love" so someone else can enjoy Emma's hair as much as we have.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mmm, mmm, good...

Take some of these...
Get a bunch of this...
Then have fun putting them all together!!!
We made caramel apples after FHE last night. We were so lucky to have our cousins over to join us.
Cameron (cousin)
Derek (cousin)
Jacob and Emma

I love that half of the children are wearing BYU shirts! Go Cougars. Are you ready for Fall? We are!

Jacob's Baptism

Jacob turned 8 in September. He was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was a beautiful day and we are so proud of Jacob for taking this step.
Jacob was baptized by his father, Steve.
Thanks to all of our family and friends that came to support Jacob on this wonderful day!

Here are some thoughts on Jake. Jacob is a bright boy. He always wants to be the best or win at everything he does. He works hard. He is shy and always quietly observing everything that is going on around him. We love Jacob!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love Letters

So I found this note in Jacob's backpack.

"Dear Andrew,

I am not going to kill you. I'm sorry I tried to kill you.

Your friend,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And then there was one...

Well another summer has flown by and school has started. I love the forced routine of school days.
Andrew - 5th grade. Loves video/computer games, reading, legos, music and piano. Is the only one of my children who will eat whatever I make and not complain. Kind to his siblings/teases his siblings relentlessly (depends on his mood).

Jacob - 2nd grade. Loves sports, sports, sports. He'd rather play sports than eat. Skinny and quick. Has only lost a couple of teeth and is very bothered by this fact. Sweet as pie when he isn't being a stinker.

Emma - Kindergarten. What can I say about Emma. Loves her dolls, riding her bike, playing, art projects. Can bring lots of drama to situations. She was such a trooper when we took her to her first day of Kindergarten. No tears or drama. She's our only daughter and she is spoiled.

Zachary - Almost 3. Loves running, jumping, flipping, spinning, riding his bike/scooter, playing with any sort of ball. Working hard on listening. Wants to be just like his brothers and usually follows them everywhere. He's having a hard time with the other kids gone. He asks me every few minutes if Emma and the brothers are coming home yet.

Like I said... then there was one. I'm excited to have some quiet moments with just Zach. I used to look at other women and say "she is at such a good stage in her life", now I feel like that woman. There is a sense of joy in seeing your children grow and learn so many new things. It is so cliche, but time really does fly by. So here's to another school year!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Emma's Photos

Whenever I go to upload my pictures I get tons of surprise shots that Emma has taken. Here are just a few that I thought I'd share. I love to see the world through her eyes and see what she thinks is worth photographing.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

California/Disneyland - January 2011

10 plus years ago when we left BYU we moved to Orange County, California. We bought a small (950 sq. ft) house that was only a few miles from the beach. The weather was amazing. There was always something to do. Ahhh...those were good days. Then we had a few kids, moved out of the country, moved back to the US, and have since settled in where we're at. We promised the kids for years that we would take them to California to go to Disneyland. Well we finally did it! We took a week off from school and stayed in a two room suite blocks away from Disneyland. It was so much fun. While we were there I kept thinking..."why did we ever leave this place?" I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I can't wait until we can go again!